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Best​ ​Social​ ​Media​ ​for​ ​Events

This category is open to entries for any social media campaign ran alongside an event or series of events with a strong set of objectives and outcomes. Entries should demonstrate how they integrated social tools available to them, including social ads, video and use of innovative tools and techniques in order to promote/elevate the event(s). Submissions should include quantitative and qualitative results for the event, including performance against the project KPI’s. Judges will be looking for campaigns that have the most clearly communicated set of objectives and results that support the event(s).

Who should enter?

Any company, agency, organisation, or business can enter this category.

What types of projects should be submitted?

Entries can be for conferences/seminars, trade shows, networking events, retail events, product launch events, in-house events, sporting events, gala events, ceremonies etc. Judges will be looking for the most creative, innovative and effective use of social media which delivered business benefits to your event(s). Submissions should demonstrate the virality of the campaign, earned vs. purchased impressions etc., and can be integrated or solely digital.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget) 30 %
  • Results Achieved (Quantitative and qualitative) 30 %
  • Innovation (creative, integration, benefits) 30 %
  • WOW Factor (unique elements and use of content) 10%