The All New, All Dancing 2017 Accenture Digital Media Awards!

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The 2017 Accenture Digital Media Awards are now open for entries!


But first, let’s go over the new exciting changes for this year.

  • You may notice that a few of our old favourite categories have had a little make-over. This involved updating the title and criteria to keep up with the ever-so-fast industry that’s constantly evolving. Some examples of this are:
    1. Best Integrated Media Campaign is now Best Integrated Media Strategy
    2. Best Start-Up Using Digital is now Best Newcomer
    3. Best Retail Campaign is now Best in Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Some of the categories titles may not have changed but the criteria certainly has! We wanted to put higher emphasis on certain grade areas to make the categories even more credible. For example:
    1. Best Conversion Strategy’s “Results” section is now worth 40% of your overall mark.
    2. Best Creative’s “Design” section is now worth 50% of your overall mark.
  • We have three brand NEW categories we would like to proudly introduce: Best Collaborative Campaign, Best Native Content and The Industry Achievement Award.
    1. Best Collaborative Campaign is about agencies coming together to work on delivering a goal for one brand or company. This is where you can showcase how the strengths of each agencies worked together to deliver a successful campaign.
    2. Best Native Campaign: This category is for recognising effective content and will be rewarded for being unique and native to the experience of the chosen platform that you used.
    3. The Industry Achievement Award is all about recognising an individual who has made a groundbreaking or significant contribution to the marketing and/or media industry. This will be a free nomination process and anyone can nominate!
  • The entry process has changed, but only slightly. We have a brand new entry portal which allows users to create an account where they can add, edit and view their entries before submitting. All entrants must now fill in the sections provided on the online Entry Form instead of uploading a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. The only supporting material that can be uploaded is images. The judges will not be reviewing any extra content that is uploaded with the images unless they are caption or explanations of the images. This is to keep the entry process as fair as possible.
  • The judging will begin earlier this year. The deadline for all entries is Friday November 25th. Whether the deadline is extended or not, the judging WILL BEGIN the first week of December. This is to allow the judges plenty of time to read all entries thoroughly.

We’re constantly working on making the Accenture Digital Media awards bigger and better every year and as always, aim to make the awards the most transparent in Ireland. If you have any tips or suggestions, please make sure to send them to Event Manager Hazel at [email protected]

Best of luck!


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