Finalists Announced!

We know you have been waiting patiently to hear about who are the finalists for the Accenture Digital Media Awards. Finally it’s almost time to reveal all! YAY! We are so excited here at DMA HQ.

D-Day is Thursday the 19th January 2017. This will be the day to keep all eyes and ears open.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far without the tremendous help from our judges.

We receive hundreds and hundreds of entries into the Accenture Digital Media Awards every year. We are truly astonished at how much the awards has grown each year & with that so has are judging panel.

It is down to these professionals with a diverse and knowledgeable range of the digital sector that go through all the entries.

Find out more about where are judges are from & their expertise areas click here 

Another date that has to be penciled into your diary is Friday 17th February 2017. This is the Accenture Digital Media Awards night. The night of the biggest network event, the night when your work is showcased & seen by many in the industry. The night when all agencies & companies are recognised within the Digital Sector and applauded for all your hard work.

It is a night not to be missed.

So don’t delay & book your tickets now. Click Here.

Check out some of the highlights from last years awards night.

Accenture Digital Media Awards 2016 from Ashville Media Group on Vimeo.


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