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Friday, February 16th, 2018 at the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin 4

(Formerly the DoubleTree by Hilton)

Yes we do! It’s #EnergiaDMA18

This is the 13th year of the awards. Lucky for some!


Any digital advertising agency, marketing agency, creative agency, web design and development agency, or company that utilizes both digital and traditional media channels can enter the 2018 Digital Media Awards.

There is a charge of €130 + VAT per entry. Multiple entries are encouraged; 4 entries may be made for the price of 3.

Yes, the same submission may be entered into all relevant categories. Please note that different categories have different weights per section so please take this into consideration when entering the same text into different categories.

To find out how to copy your submission into other categories, please click here.

Yes, you can enter every category bar Best Agency as long as the campaign ran in Ireland.

In short, yes.

A large proportion of the criteria is to see the makings of the campaign and all the behind-the-scenes work it takes to launch. Make sure to double-check the weight of marks given in the Results section and instead talk about your projections and include any feedback/tester comments that would indicate your projected results.

Between December 2016 and December 2017.

If your campaign ran outside of this time frame, the majority of the campaign must fall in between these months.

Each section of the entry form has a word count of 400 words. Please keep your information concise and relevant.

Entries close on Friday 24th November. We accept bribery in the form of chocolate for any extensions.


Judging, insofar as possible, will be remote. Two judges will judge each application and the final score will be the average of the two marks. In the case that the average score is the same, a 3rd independent judge will review the top 3 entries.

The judging commences the first week of December 2017 regardless of any extensions given.


Last year the finalists were announced on Thursday January 19th 2017. Our aim is to announce the finalists around the same time of year again in Feb 2018.

The judging commences the first week of December 2017 regardless of any extensions given.


All tickets will be available to purchase through our online booking form in early 2018.

All prices will be confirmed early 2018.