DublinLive Competition Winners!

As you all probably remember, the amazing DublinLive held a fun and creative Twitter competition throughout the night at the 2017 Accenture Digital Media Awards, which turned out to be a big success! We provided a few cool mini chalkboards on every table and it was then up to you guys to come up with your best, most creative and most memorable Dublin Slang!

The amazing prize of a whopping €500 went to 3 individuals EACH throughout the night (wow!), who came up with some very well known and hilarious Dublin slang on their chalkboards. They took a photo of it and then tweeted it out to @DublinLive using the hashtag #AccentureDMA17.

DublinLive picked the 3 lucky winners who were only delighted with themselves! – I mean, who wouldn’t be after winning €500 each!! Have a look at what the winners came up with down below:

Sarah Finnegan, Wolfgang Digital
“Giz an aul spicebag there, will ya love?”

Hugh Gleeson, Carat Ireland
“Gerrup outta dah garden!”

Stah Banks, Mediavest
“Going for Gold – Ah heyor leave it out!”

Congratulations again to all winners, we had a great laugh looking through them all! And a huge thank you to DublinLive for the fun competition! Until next time folks, from all of us here in DMA HQ!


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