Best Small Agency (15

Important Notice: This is the only category in which the individual sections of the entry form do not have to be filled in. Please create a PDF or presentation of your entry to be uploaded at the bottom of the entry form that will be reviewed by the judging panel.

This award welcomes entries from any digital advertising/marketing/creative agency, web design and development agency, or agency that utilises both digital and traditional media channels that employ 15 or less employees.

Based on an evaluation of a portfolio of three clients, the judges will be reviewing the overall quality of the work, the technologies deployed, the standard of design, how strategies and campaigns were devised to achieve their objectives, and the return on investment clients received for the projects. Judges are looking for an agency that is utilising digital and traditional media platforms to excite, enthuse, and inspire.


Any digital advertising/marketing agency/ creative agency, web design and development agency, or agency with 15 or less employees that utilises both digital and traditional media channels can enter this category.


Judges will be looking for agencies who have a strong identity and have clear ideas on what they can offer clients. The judges would like 3 examples of campaigns/websites/projects you created, and will focus on the range of platforms you provide, technologies and formats that you utilise.

The three examples you submit should exemplify the work that you do, but also emphasise the various types of projects you are capable of carrying out. When selecting your projects, keep in mind that those agencies which provide clients with excellent strategic direction, strong visual and interactive design, innovative interfaces, powerful and original creative concepts will be rewarded in this category.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget) 20%
  • Design (rationale, concept, client satisfaction, user experience) 30%
  • Innovation (creativity, technologies deployed) 20%
  • Results (visitors, repeat visitors, lead generation, return on investment) 30%