Best Website

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This category recognises excellence in the development of websites and microsites. Judges will be rewarding entries based on the functionality of the site, the overall structure and navigation, the UX and UI design, use of content and the positive results directly related to the overall user experience.

Who should enter?

This category is open to any agency or business that has developed a website or microsite that they believe is particularly useful for their consumers or target audience.

What types of projects should be submitted?

This category recognises websites and microsites that enhance user experience and those that consumers think are the most useful. Judges will be looking for websites or microsites that have not only increased the popularity, effectiveness, access, revenue, etc., of a particular business, brand, or agency but have ensured above all else that the website or microsite appeals to its audience, is accessible, and is efficient. Websites or microsites which utilise new technologies, or have adapted existing technology in an innovative way, and have successfully achieved their business objectives will be rewarded.

  • Strategy (Objectives, planning, execution, budget) 20%
  • Design (Rationale, concept, user experience, consumer engagement) 30%
  • Innovation (Content creativity, benefits) 30%
  • Results (users, repeat visitors, leads, ROI) 20%