Best Strategy

The Best Strategy is for a company that has implemented a business solution and has driven success through digital by choosing agencies etc that align with their business goals and brand. Understanding and implementing current trends, while overcoming both internal and external company challenges will be recognised. Entries must show that the project/initiative involves all facets of the company to integrate and achieve a predetermined business strategy through digital.

Who should enter?

Any company which shows a strategic initiative with an impact on the technology used in the industry. The entry should demonstrate the overall execution and success in the market.

What types of projects should be submitted?

Judges will be reviewing the overall quality of the strategy including discovery phase, understand the business objectives, peer reviews of industry and competitors technology, user tester creativity, overall execution, implementation across business functions and proven success in the market.

  • Strategy (Business objectives, planning, execution, budget) 30%
  • Design (rationale, concept, client satisfaction, user experience user testing) 35%
  • Innovation (creativity, technologies deployed) 35%