Best Podcast

Awarded to those who demonstrate how a series, or individual episode, of podcasts, increased effectiveness in delivering a digital strategy or other tangible objectives. This award is about using podcasts in an innovative way as an ongoing campaign or stand-alone addition to a brand that effectively and creatively reached target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while maintaining marketing objectives. Most importantly, this award celebrates podcasts that appeal to their target audience and ensure the utmost accessibility and efficiency for its listeners.

Who should enter?

This category is open to any agency or business that has created a podcast that they believe is particularly useful for their consumers or target audience.

What types of projects should be submitted?

This category is all about recognising podcasts the consumers think are the most useful. Judges will be looking for podcasts that have not only increased the popularity, effectiveness, access, revenue, etc., of a particular business, brand, or agency but have ensured above all else that the podcast appeals to its audience, is accessible, and is efficient. Those podcasts which utilise new technologies, or have adapted existing technology in an innovative way, and have successfully achieved their business objectives will be rewarded. Be sure to enter this category if your podcast has incorporated social networking or state of the art technologies, resulting in a superb business/brand podcast.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget) 30%
  • Design (rationale, concept, user experience, consumer engagement) 20%
  • Innovation (content, creativity, benefits) 30%
  • Results (users, repeat visitors, leads, ROI) 20%