Best Newcomer

This category will recognise any individual, freelancer or enterprise that has started a business that offers digital marketing services, has been billing no earlier than 1st June 2016, and is based (and offering services) in Ireland. This award champions the passion and entrepreneurial spirit required to establish a new digital marketing business in the contemporary marketplace. The judges will be looking for demonstrable evidence of a clearly defined business strategy since inception and for at least the next twelve months and should highlight digital media innovation. Companies entering this category must highlight outstanding service to clients and candidates and what you are doing to achieve this. Entrants must have commenced trading no earlier than 1st June 2018.

Who should enter?

Enter this category if you or your agency is innovative, dynamic and going places and can convince the judges why you’re the ‘one to watch’.

What types of projects should be submitted?

The submission must discuss at least one project that has been carried out since conception. Judges will look for the range of platforms, technologies and formats that were used and the results obtained. The project you discuss should show key examples of your offerings and capabilities. Areas which will be rewarded; strategic direction, strong visual and interactive design, innovative interfaces, and powerful and original creative concepts.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget) 20%
  • Design (rationale, concept, client satisfaction, user experience) 30%
  • Innovation (creativity, technologies deployed) 20%
  • Results (visitors, repeat visitors, lead generation, return on investment) 30%