Best Native Content

This category will recognise the most creative, innovative and effective content that has provided a real return on investment for the client/brand. A campaign will be rewarded for being unique and native to the experience of the platform being used.

Who should enter?

Any media company, digital publisher, brand, organisation, agency or studio that is involved in creating, producing or distributing any native advertising content.

What types of projects should be submitted?

Innovative projects that have provided a significant return on investment for the brand/client and allowed them to reach their intended audience. The content used should be particularly native to the feel and experience of the platform(s) used.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget 20%
  • Design (rationale, concept, client satisfaction, user experience) 30%
  • Innovation (creativity, technologies deployed) 20%
  • Results (visitors, repeat visitors, lead generation, return on investment) 30%