Best Collaborative Campaign

This category recognises any campaign that demonstrates a collaboration between multiple agencies/organisations. The winning campaign should demonstrate creativity, innovation and best practice across multiple platforms and channels. In this category, we welcome joint submission from collaborating agencies.

Who should enter?

This category is open to companies, agencies or organisations that have collaborated with one another to deliver a project. The entry can be submitted by one of the parties involved but we ask you to involve the other parties so the submission addresses all angles. Please specify all those involved and their role within the project.

What types of projects should be submitted?

An entry in this category can be any campaign that had involvement from two or more parties. Through effective teamwork and successful collaboration, the campaign should have delivered for the client/brand and provided a return on investment. All submissions should be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign in generating business.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, client acquisition) 20%
  • Design (concept, rationale, creative) 20%
  • Teamwork (effective and unique collaboration, challenges) 30%
  • Results (quantitative and qualitative campaign results) 30%