What’s That? 2 Brand New Categories!?

//What’s That? 2 Brand New Categories!?

As always here at the Energia Digital Media Awards HQ, we constantly review our categories to make sure we’re up to date with the latest digital developments.

This year we’re bringing you two brand new categories to compete in.

Awarded to those who demonstrate how a series, or individual episode, of podcasts increased effectiveness in delivering a digital strategy or other tangible objectives.

This award is about using podcasts in an innovative way as an ongoing campaign or stand-alone addition to a brand that effectively and creatively reached target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while maintaining marketing objectives.

Most importantly, this award celebrates podcasts that appeal to their target audience, and ensure the utmost accessibility and efficiency for its listeners.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget) 30%

  •  Design (rationale, concept, user experience, consumer engagement) 20%

  • Innovation (content, creativity, benefits) 30%

  • Results (users, repeat visitors, leads, ROI) 20%

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This category is open to entries for any social media campaign in line with an event or series of events.

Entries should demonstrate how they integrated social tools available to them, including social ads, video and use of innovative tools and techniques in order to promote/elevate the event(s).

Submissions should include quantitative and qualitative results for the event, including performance against the project KPI’s.

Judges will be looking for campaigns that have the most clearly communicated set of objectives and results that support the event.

  • Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget)  30 %

  • Results Achieved (Quantitative and qualitative) 30 %

  • Innovation  (creative, integration, benefits) 30 %

  • WOW Factor (unique elements and use of content) 10%

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