The How-To Guide on Entering Multiple Categories

//The How-To Guide on Entering Multiple Categories

When entering the Energia Digital Media Awards, you may have a campaign that will fit more than one category. Our awards entry system has a simple functionality that allows you to copy an entry in its entirety into a new category.

Want to find out how?

Follow the steps below!

Step 1.

Choose your first category and fill in the entry form fully.

Step 2.

Once you are compleetly happy with your entry, scroll down to the bottom of the second page and click “Add to Cart”.

Step 3.

When you click “Add to Cart”, you will be brought to your Cart page where you will find a list of your entries. There will be three choices beside your each of your entries; “Select”, “Copy Application” or “Remove”.

Click on “Copy Application”.

Step 4.

From the drop-down menu that appears, choose the next category you’d like to enter.

At this point, you can also choose if you’d like to rename your entry title to something new. This can also be changed at a later date.

Step 5.

Scroll to the end of the webpage and click “Make a Copy”. It will automatically copy all the text from the previous entry into the new category.

Fun Fact!

Even if it’s not the same campaign, you can use this functionality to copy over all your contact details so you don’t have to keep inputting them every time you start a new category.

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